Gr. 5 Supply List

Grade 5 Supply List


2 dozen #2 Ticonderoga pencils
25 pack box of cap erasers
4 Elmer glue sticks
2 yellow and 2 pink highlighters
pointed 6" Fiskars scissors
12 pack of Classic Crayola colored pencils
8 pack Classic Crayola markers
1 Trapper Keeper or zip binder with 5 durable (preferably plastic and all different color) folders
Supply pouch with zipper
plastic ruler with both standard and metric units
inexpensive calculator that performs basic operations
single-subject notebook for journaling
single-subject notebook for math
3 fabric book covers


Electronic spell checker

*Note to supply company to keep supply pouch, pencil case, and plastic (8"x5") standard size school box with flip.


Thank you.