Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

At Elm Street School, students who ride the bus arrive at the first circle parallel to Rt.27. They are supervised by staff as they walk along the sidewalk to enter the main building of the school.  The procedures for arrival and dismissal as listed below pertain to parents and other private drivers who transport children to school. 


  • Students may be dropped off in the Main Arrival Loop ONLY.  This is the loop by the main door, near the flagpole.  Dropping off students by the Rt. 27 driveway is not safe and is prohibited.
  • Follow the directions of the staff people “on duty”.
  • Upon arrival, drivers should turn right and thread through the parking lot. The first car must pull around the loop as far as the stop sign by the preschool playground.  This will allow the maximum number of students to disembark onto sidewalks simultaneously.
  • Instruct child/ren to disembark only from the sidewalk side of vehicle to avoid the danger of crossing between cars in the roadway.
  • Drivers must prepare students to be ready to exit vehicles immediately upon arrival.   If a student is not ready, the driver will be instructed to go around the loop again.
  • Drivers should be ready to follow a staff member’s signal to exit the loop following the vehicle ahead, once students have disembarked.  Do NOT pull around and pass the vehicle in front of you.
  • Do NOT attempt to park in the loop during arrival. If, for any reason you would like to accompany your child into the building (or help carry materials) please park in the 15 minute parking area near the Preschool Playground.
  • Do NOT drop off students without pulling into the main arrival loop. 
  • If a child is having difficulty separating at arrival, the driver will be instructed to go around the loop again and pull out onto the service road which leads to the back of the building.  Staff there will assist in making the transition. 


Thank you for your cooperation. 

We know that parents and staff share a common goal of getting to school on time and always being safe!


  • Students being picked up by parents/car pools will be dismissed to the main office lobby.  They will be grouped alphabetically throughout the lobby.  Carpoolers should stand with the driver’s child.
  • Parents/car pools will thread through the parking lot, then into the loop by the main door. 
  • Anyone picking up students may NOT come into the building.   
  • One staff member with outside duty will be designated to carry a clipboard and use the walkie-talkie. Staff will identify which parents are “in line” and communicate those names to the staff member inside.  Those students will then be sent outside. 
  • Staff on duty outside will insure that students enter the correct vehicle. 
  • It is essential to keep traffic flowing.  Parents must not engage staff or other parents in conversation during dismissal.
  • If a parent is in the building (for example, as a volunteer) and wants to take their child with them, they must notify the staff person on duty and exit through the preschool playground.
  •  All vehicles must stay in the line until the car in front of them moves.  Pulling out and passing the vehicle ahead of you is PROHIBITED.
  • If a child is not ready when they are called, the parent will be asked to park at the preschool 15 minute parking area and wait.  A staff member will accompany the student to the car.
  • Student safety is our first concern. If you have concerns during dismissal or need assistance, please get the attention of a staff member on duty to assist you.  Please do not get out of your vehicle or move your vehicle out of the line unless instructed to do so by a staff member.


  • Students who take a bus home will assemble in the lobby outside the Cafetorium. 
  • All students who take a bus must have a bus pass. 


  • Students and drivers must always follow the instruction of the staff members on duty.