History of Elm Street



Once Upon a Time…

Our school was originally built as a church, The Christian Life Center.  It housed the church, offices, child care program, school, and athletic complex.  For a variety of reasons, this organization moved during the 1990’s. The property and buildings were purchased by the town and renovated as a school space. 

Walpole’s Integrated Preschool Program moved into the former Athletic building in 1998.  All of the district’s kindergarten classes also were moved to Elm Street in September 1999. The decision to create an Early Childhood Center at Elm Street School was in response to increasingly crowded conditions at each elementary school. 

A two-year construction project was implemented and completed in September 2004. This included a new addition, as well as complete renovation of the existing space. As a result, Elm Street School was reconfigured as an elementary school serving children from kindergarten to grade five. Students were redistricted from Boyden and Fisher schools and staff system-wide were re-assigned. 

The site continues to house the district’s public preschool program.  The preschool wing and program were re-named The Daniel Feeney Preschool Center in honor of the late Assistant Superintendent of Schools.  A Preschool Director was appointed in 2008.

Currently, Elm Street School has an enrollment of 449 students in grades K-5 and 80 students in Preschool.  Our school continues to evolve and grow.  It is a wonderful learning community.  Our motto is:  “Committed to Excellence”.