Our Garden

Take a moment to enjoy our beautiful Butterfly Garden by the driveway entrance to our school.


The Grade Two team  received a $3000 grant from Lowe’s to create this garden.   They worked together with the town's Department of Public Works, community volunteers and parents and students to plan, research which plants attract butterflies, prepare the soil, obtain needed materials and conduct the actual initial planting. 

Many students, parents, and staff volunteered to dig and plant!  It was a very exciting and fun experience.

Special thanks to parent, Brenda Cooke, who volunteered her expertise as a landscaper.  Also thank you to Bob LeBlanc and the town D.P.W. for their assistance, as well as everyone who was willing to get dirty and help!

The butterflies started enjoying the garden as soon as the plants were in the ground.  Stay tuned… there are more plans to make this area a vibrant, exciting learning environment!


“It is said that the butterfly goes

where it pleases

 and pleases wherever it goes.”

-Elizabeth Andrew