Excellence at Elm

Excellence at Elm Street School

"Excellence at Elm Street School" and "Keeping our Community Growing Strong" are our most important goals.
We have a beautiful mural of a tree in our main lobby which was created by a parent volunteer, Molly Shea.

Staff may nominate any student for an "Excellence at Elm Street School" award.  This is a non-competitive program that promotes personal achievement. A student may show excellence in a variety of areas including:  academics, the arts, physical education, acts of kindness, giving to the community, and more.  The focus of the program is to recognize those individuals that have gone above and beyond what is expected of them.

The Principal reviews the nominations and awards a "leaf" which describes the achievement.  The leaf is displayed on the Excellence Tree in our lobby.  Students who received a leaf on the excellence tree have their name and why they were nominated announced during morning announcements.  

This popular program reinforces our commitment to Excellence in Education!